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Envision Clothing Company is proud to announce that we are officially accepting applications for collegiate athletes whose institutions allow for them to accept NIL Opportunities. We're excited to sponsor athletes who are actively competing in collegiate athletics and us being part of your journey. 

Our goal is to build a community amongst the athletes who are actively pursuing a passion through the fitness and athletic industries. Athletes are selected based on the value and enthusiasm they can bring to the Envision family along with their experience with content creating and social media influencing.

                            Selected Athletes Will Receive

- Free gear initially. We will start out with two-three items depending on the items.

- 10% off code to market to your platforms and also use for the items we do not give you that you are interested in. (Ex: ENVISION10)

- Opportunities for various compensation amounts.

- System tracking to view progress within the brand.

- Exclusive gear that ONLY other Envision Athletes can receive.

- Personal brand mentorship from Envision/Apex Communications Network.

- Assistance in content creation.

- Features on all our social media platforms.

Our goal is to build an amazing community filled with athletes who want to be empowered people and Be The Change.

                         If Interested Please Email Us:

- Name

- Shipping Address

- City/State

- Institution

- Level of Sport

- Why you want to be an Envision Athlete

- Social Media Links

*Athletes are selected every 6 months. Limited athletes selected at a time*