About Us

Envision Clothing Company was founded in June 2018 by Mike Eversole.

Throughout Mike's entire life, he was associated with the world of athletics. Having his first love be the game of baseball. Mike embarked on a journey to become a college baseball player in the small town he grew up in. However, life started to impact Mike in ways that has led him into being the person he is today.

After Mike suffered a few losses within his family while in high school, he started to lose himself physically, mentally, and spiritually. He began living a life that consisted of drugs and alcohol, and started to live a life he once judged. He did not want to work hard and he wanted to quit everything he was associated with. Feeling as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders, Mike hit his breaking point.

He dealt with many mental health issues and it took a toll on him physically. Many instances where he was talked out of taking his own life. The once ambitious and presentable student-athlete was now becoming someone people could no longer understand or comprehend what was happening to him. Mike found himself about 50lbs. heavier and became a victim of his own actions. After he finally made his college commitment to a small D3 baseball program in Hiram College, Mike felt as if the "work was over" and he could continue to be the person he was becoming accustomed to.

After his first fall season on campus, Mike started to realize that who he was becoming is not what his loved ones who passed on would want him to be. Mike was told in his first initial meetings that he was not the same kid they recruited and he was asked what had happened to him. His actions were now potentially going to jeopardize his future with the game of baseball and the experiences he envisioned having - something he worked desperately hard to reach.

He knew it was time to make a change, but it was his responsibility to start making those changes. For the next 6-7 months, mike recreated himself by losing over 60lbs. and found himself in the starting lineup that same year. Along the way, he learned how to use his past to serve his future and the people surrounding him, rather than use it as an excuse for empathy. The foundation was being created that has led Mike to who he is and where he is today. 

At the end of his sophomore year at Hiram College, Mike was toying with the idea that he wanted to create a business based on motivation and creating clothing. His focus was to create something where your actions would impact more than the words spoken. Envision Clothing Company was born in June of 2018 and not launched or released until September of 2018 on the campus of Hiram College. "Everyone has a vision and that vision means something different to everyone" said Eversole. "Envision was the perfect name for this brand because we want to work towards what lies ahead while enjoying where we currently are" he added. The logo that represents this brand is a tiger. Mike explained, "A tiger represents those who have overcome obstacles and represent strength, courage, and protections. There was nothing more that suited what I wanted to create through this brand." He also added, "Choosing clothing as our avenue was easy. What you wear, the message it conveys, and the actions you perform while wearing it; it does the talking for you."

Today, Mike is the Assistant Baseball Coach at Lake Erie College (Summer 2022-Present). A Division II private institution. Lake Erie is a member of the GMAC and has been in a rebuilding phase, but certainly heading in the right direction with recent recruiting classes. He has completed only one season with Lake Erie thus far.

Prior to Lake Erie, Mike was the Graduate Assistant Baseball Coach at Eastern New Mexico University (2020-2022) after graduating from Hiram College in 2020. Eastern is a Division II institution and member of the Lone Star Conference - One of the most highly competitive conferences in the country. While at Eastern, he was the hitting coach and also coached first-base. The team went from a 3-win program to the most conference wins in program history during his time. His offense at Eastern saw an increase in the majority of offensive statistics including 31 more doubles (78), 24 triples (5th in the nation), and being 5th in the conference in stolen bases (73). The program also saw its 1st player to receive All-Conference honors since 2018 in Spencer Roach. The program also saw victories against 4 programs in the top 25 rankings. He also served as the Recruiting Coordinator and Director of Marketing/College Placement for the Brownlee Lookouts Baseball Academy. Eversole was the head hitting instructor for the Lookouts and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2021.

Envision is the brand for the people who are not scared to go after their dreams and who will work relentlessly for them. For the people who are creators and over comers. For the people who do not look for the acceptance of others to do the things they want the most. For the people who want to #BeTheChange in their life, community, and the world surrounding them each and everyday. Our goal was to create something unique that could be applied to everyone's life to some facet. Our mission is to create a highly motivated community that is focused on self-development, team-building, leadership, and motivation.

We look to challenge you to become something bigger than yourself. We want to empower you with the belief that any goal is obtainable. Our brand is not just focused on clothing, but the message we convey through the clothing.

This is the brand for those who are leaders, doers, risk-takers, and for the people who are not afraid to fulfill their dreams, goals, and ambitions.

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