About Us

Envision Clothing Company was founded in 2018 by Mike Eversole. All designs have been created by Richard Milford.

This is the brand for the people who are not scared to go after their dreams and who will work relentlessly for them. For the people who are creators, over comers, and achievers. For the people who want to #BeTheChange in their life, community, and eventually the world.

Our goal was to create something unique that could be applied to everyone’s life in their own unique way. Our mission is to create a highly motivated team that is focused on self-development, team-building, motivation, and making an impact. 

We look to challenge you to become something bigger than yourself. We want to empower you with the belief that any goal is obtainable. Our brand is not just focused on clothing, but the message we convey through our clothing. Our clothes are designed for the doers, not sayers.

This is the brand for those who are leaders, doers, risk-takers, and for the people who are not afraid to fulfill their dreams, goals, and ambitions.

Instagram: @mike__eversole