The Apex Podcast

The Apex Podcast is hoted by Jan Almasy, RJ Holliday, and prodced by Jacop Popio. They believe that we are constantly surrounded by ORDINARY people doing EXTRAORDINARY things. The primary mission behind their movement s to allow people a platform to share their stories and lessons learned with the world.

If you want to support them, it's completely FREE. All we ask is if you learned something from an episode or know of someone that needs to hear their message. SHARE IT WITH THEM.

"My definition of success is NOT how SUCCESSFUL YOU ARE, but how many people YOU are able to bring to SUCCESS ALONG WITH YOU!" - Jan Almasy.

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Twitter: @_TheApexPodcast
Instagram: @apex_communications_network

Envision Founder, Mike Eversole was hoted on The Apex Podcast. Listen to the episode here: